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Cerasoli, F.; Podaliri Vulpiani, M.; Saluti, G.; Conte, A.; Ricci, M.; Savini, G.; D'Alterio, N. Assessment of Welfare in Groups of Horses with Different Management, Environments and Activities by Measuring Cortisol in Horsehair, Using Liquid Chromatography Coupled to Hybrid Orbitrap High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry 2022 Animals 6674 12
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Krueger, K.; Schwarz, S.; Marr, I.; Farmer, K. Laterality in Horse Training: Psychological and Physical Balance and Coordination and Strength Rather Than Straightness 2022 Animals 6670 12 1042
Krueger, K.; Trager, L.; Farmer, K.; Byrne, R. Tool Use in Horses 2022 Animals 6695 12 1876
Lagos, L.; Bárcena, F. How to reduce wolf predation on wild ponies in Galicia? 2022 Carnivore Damage Prevention News 6680 24 24-31
Lema, F.J.; Ribeiro, S.; Palacios, V. Observations of wolves hunting fee-ranging horses in Iberia. 2022 Carnivore Damage Prevention News 6681 24 1-9
Marr, I.; Stefanski, V.; Krueger, K Lateralität – ein Indikator für das Tierwohl?[Laterality – an animal welfare indicator?] 2022 Der Praktische Tierarzt 6692 103 1246-12757
Reinhardt, I.; Kluth, G.; Balzer, S.; Steyer, K. Wolfsverursachte Schäden, Präventions- und Ausgleichszahlungen in Deutschland 2021 2022 6684 41
Schwarz, S.; Marr, I.; Farmer, K.; Graf, K.; Stefanski, V.; Krueger, K. Does Carrying a Rider Change Motor and Sensory Laterality in Horses? 2022 Animals 6667 12 992
Voigtlaender-Schnabel, S.; Vogel, L.; Greiner, B.; Wiezorek, S.; Schuette, P.; Solmsen, E.-H.; Martin; H.; Hempel, E.; Gruentjens, T.; Bathen, M.; Herold, P.; Krueger, K. Reactions of horses to wildlife and livestock guarding dogs 2022 Carnivore Damage Prevention News 6668 24 49-58