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Wyss, C. Does housing in a „social box“ change faecal cortisol metabolites concentration in stallions? 2015 Proceedings of the 3. International Equine Science Meeting 5869
Yarnell, K.; Hall, C.; Royle, C.; Walker, S.L. Domesticated horses differ in their behavioural and physiological responses to isolated and group housing 2015 Physiology & Behavior 5920 143 51-57
Zhang, Y.; Cao, Q.S.; Rubenstein, D.I.; Zang, S.; Songer, M.; Leimgruber, P.; Chu, H.; Cao, J.; Li, K.; Hu, D. Water Use Patterns of Sympatric Przewalski's Horse and Khulan: Interspecific Comparison Reveals Niche Differences 2015 Plos One 6377 10 e0132094