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Peugnet, P.; Wimel, L.; Duchamp, G.; Sandersen, C.; Camous, S.; Guillaume, D.; Dahirel, M.; Dubois, C.; Jouneau, L.; Reigner, F.; Berthelot, V.; Chaffaux, S.; Tarrade, A.; Serteyn, D.; Chavatte-Palmer, P. Enhanced or Reduced Fetal Growth Induced by Embryo Transfer into Smaller or Larger Breeds Alters Post-Natal Growth and Metabolism in Pre-Weaning Horses 2014 PLoS ONE 5910 9 e102044 EP -
Svobodová, I.; Chaloupková, H.; Koncel, R.; Bartoš, L.; Hradecká, L.; Jebavý, L.š Cortisol and Secretory Immunoglobulin A Response to Stress in German Shepherd Dogs 2014 PLoS ONE 5919 9 e90820 EP -
Svobodová, I.; Chaloupková, H.; Kon?el, R.; Barto?, L.?k; Hradecká, L.; Jebavý, L.? Cortisol and Secretory Immunoglobulin A Response to Stress in German Shepherd Dogs 2014 PLoS ONE 5963 9 e90820
Pinho, G.M.; Gonçalves da Silva, A.; Hrbek, T.; Venticinque, E.M.; Farias, I.P. Kinship and Social Behavior of Lowland Tapirs (Tapirus terrestris) in a Central Amazon Landscape 2014 Plos One 6138 9 e92507
Collins, G.H.; Petersen, S.L.; Carr, C.A.; Pielstick, L. Testing VHF/GPS Collar Design and Safety in the Study of Free-Roaming Horses 2014 Plos One 6209 9 e103189
Monfardini, E.; Hadj-Bouziane, F.; Meunier, M. Model-Observer Similarity, Error Modeling and Social Learning in Rhesus Macaques 2014 Plos One 6195 9 e89825
Range, F.; Virányi, Z. Wolves are better imitators of conspecifics than dogs 2014 PLoS One 6246 9
Lergetporer, P.; Angerer, S.; Glätzle-Rützler, D.; Sutter, M. Third-party punishment increases cooperation in children through (misaligned) expectations and conditional cooperation 2014 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 5805 111 6916-6921
Wittig, R.M.; Crockford, C.; Langergraber, K.E.; Zuberbühler, K. Triadic social interactions operate across time: a field experiment with wild chimpanzees 2014 Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 5803 281
Giese,; C. Giese; Gerber,; V. Gerber; Howald,; M. Howald; Bachmann,; I. Bachmann; Burger,; D. Burger Stressbelastung und Verhalten von Pferden in stromführenden gegenüber nicht stromführenden Führanlagen 2014 Schweizer Archiv für Tierheilkunde 5794 156 163-169