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Stanley, C.R.; Dunbar, R.I.M. Consistent social structure and optimal clique size revealed by social network analysis of feral goats, Capra hircus 2013 Anim Behav 6253 85
Healy, S.D.; Rowe, C. Costs and benefits of evolving a larger brain: doubts over the evidence that large brains lead to better cognition 2013 Anim Behav 6317 86
h:, M.; Lévy, F.; Fortin, M.; Leterrier, C.; LansadLansade, L. Stress and temperament affect working memory performance for disappearing food in horses, Equus caballus 2013 Animal Behaviour 5746 86 1233-1240
Benson-Amram, S.; Weldele, M.L.; Holekamp, K.E. A comparison of innovative problem-solving abilities between wild and captive spotted hyaenas, Crocuta crocuta 2013 Animal Behaviour 5657 85 349-356
Nelson, X.J.; Fijn, N. The use of visual media as a tool for investigating animal behaviour 2013 Animal Behaviour 6432 85 525-536
Hopper, L.M.; Price, S.A.; Freeman, H.D.; Lambeth, S.P.; Schapiro, S.J.; Kendal, R.L. Influence of personality, age, sex, and estrous state on chimpanzee problem-solving success 2013 Animal Cognition 5932 17 835-847
Millot, S.; Nilsson, J.; Fosseidengen, J.E.; Bégout, M.-L.; Fernö, A.; Braithwaite, V.A.; Kristiansen, T.S. Innovative behaviour in fish: Atlantic cod can learn to use an external tag to manipulate a self-feeder 2013 Animal Cognition 5933 17 779-785
Ducatez, S.; Audet, J.N.; Lefebvre, L. Independent appearance of an innovative feeding behaviour in Antillean bullfinches 2013 Animal Cognition 5934 16 525-529
McCarthy, M.S.; Jensvold, M.L.A.; Fouts, D.H. Use of gesture sequences in captive chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) play 2013 Animal Cognition 5665 16 471-481
Rozempolska-Ruciń ska, Iwona; Trojan, Maciej; Kosik, Elż bieta; Próchniak, Tomasz; Górecka-Bruzda, Aleksandra How “natural” training methods can affect equine mental state? A critical approach -- a review 2013 Animal Science Papers & Reports 5726 31 185