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R Foundation for Statistical Computing 2013 6295
Péron, F.; Ward, R.; Burman, O. Horses (Equus caballus) discriminate body odour cues from conspecifics 2013 5742 1-5
Wolter, R.; Pantel, N.; Möstl, E.; Krueger, K. Die Rolle des Alpha-Hengstes in einer Przewalski Bachelor-Gruppe beim Erkunden einer neuen Fläche in einem Semi-Reservat 2013 5946 Göttinger Pferdetage'13 66
Komárková, M.; Bartošová, J. Lateralized suckling in domestic horses (Equus caballus) 2013 5664 16 343-349
Scheider, L.; Kaminski, J.; Call, J.; Tomasello, M. Do domestic dogs interpret pointing as a command? 2013 5666 16 361-372
Horn, L.; Range, F.; Huber, L. Dogs’ attention towards humans depends on their relationship, not only on social familiarity 2013 5667 16 435-443
Greco, B.J.; Brown, T.K.; Andrews, J.R.M.; Swaisgood, R.R.; Caine, N.G. Social learning in captive African elephants (Loxodonta africana africana) 2013 5668 16 459-469
Kaminski, J.; Pitsch, A.; Tomasello, M. Dogs steal in the dark 2013 5669 16 385-394
Cochet, H.; Byrne, R.W. Evolutionary origins of human handedness: evaluating contrasting hypotheses 2013 5691 16 531-542
Pelé, M.; Sueur, C. Decision-making theories: linking the disparate research areas of individual and collective cognition 2013 5692 16 543-556