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Siniscalchi, M.; Cirone, F.; Guaricci, A.C.; Quaranta, A. Catecholamine plasma levels, IFN-γ serum levels and antibodies production induced by rabies vaccine in dogs selected for their paw preference 2013 Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition 5829 19 522-532
Siniscalchi, M.; Lusito, R.; Vallortigara, G.; Quaranta, A. Seeing Left- or Right-Asymmetric Tail Wagging Produces Different Emotional Responses in Dogs 2013 Current Biology 5734 23
Siniscalchi, M.; McFarlane, J.R.; Kauter, K.G.; Quaranta, A.; Rogers, L.J. Cortisol levels in hair reflect behavioural reactivity of dogs to acoustic stimuli 2013 Research in Veterinary Science 5833 94 49-54
Stanley, C.R.; Dunbar, R.I.M. Consistent social structure and optimal clique size revealed by social network analysis of feral goats, Capra hircus 2013 Anim Behav 6253 85
Strien, A.J.; Swaay, C.A.M.; Termaat, T. Opportunistic citizen science data of animal species produce reliable estimates of distribution trends if analysed with occupancy models 2013 Journal of Applied Ecology 6437 50 1450-1458
Valenchon, M.; Lévy, F.; Górecka-Bruzda, A.; Calandreau, L.; Lansade, L. Characterization of long-term memory, resistance to extinction, and influence of temperament during two instrumental tasks in horses 2013 5735 16 1001-1006
Viry, S.; Sleimen-Malkoun, R.; Temprado, J.-J.; Frances, J.-P.; Berton, E.; Laurent, M.; Nicol, C. Patterns of Horse-Rider Coordination during Endurance Race: A Dynamical System Approach 2013 PLoS ONE 5706 8 e71804 EP -
Vitale, V.; Balocchi, R.; Varanini, M.; Sgorbini, M.; Macerata, A.; Sighieri, C.; Baragli, P. The effects of restriction of movement on the reliability of heart rate variability measurements in the horse (Equus caballus) 2013 Journal of Veterinary Behavior 6618 8 400-403
Waldern, N.M.; Wiestner, T.; Ramseier, L.C.; Amport, C.; Weishaupt, M.A. Effects of shoeing on limb movement and ground reaction forces in Icelandic horses at walk, tölt and trot 2013 The Veterinary Journal 5912 198, Supplement 1 e103-e108
Wolter, R.; Pantel, N.; Möstl, E.; Krueger, K. Die Rolle des Alpha-Hengstes in einer Przewalski Bachelor-Gruppe beim Erkunden einer neuen Fläche in einem Semi-Reservat 2013 5946 Göttinger Pferdetage'13 66