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Hopper, L.M.; Price, S.A.; Freeman, H.D.; Lambeth, S.P.; Schapiro, S.J.; Kendal, R.L. Influence of personality, age, sex, and estrous state on chimpanzee problem-solving success 2013 Animal Cognition 5932 17 835-847
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Guttridge, T.L.; Dijk, S.; Stamhuis, E.J.; Krause, J.; Gruber, S.H.; Brown, C. Social learning in juvenile lemon sharks, Negaprion brevirostris 2013 5697 16 55-64
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Graf, P.; Schneider, T.; KönigvonBorstel, U.; Gauly M. Kosten-Nutzen-Analyse einer objektivierten Temperamentbeurteilung bei Pferden [Economic evaluation of an objective temperament assessment in horses] 2013 Züchtungskunde 5866 85 129-142
Graf, P.; König von Borstel, U.; Gauly, M. Importance of personality traits in horses to breeders and riders 2013 Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research 5865 8 316-325
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Gil, M.; Bhatt, R.; Picotte, K.B.; Hull, E.M. Sexual experience increases oxytocin receptor gene expression and protein in the medial preoptic area of the male rat 2013 Psychoneuroendocrinology 5724 38 1688-1697