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Siniscalchi, M.; McFarlane, J.R.; Kauter, K.G.; Quaranta, A.; Rogers, L.J. Cortisol levels in hair reflect behavioural reactivity of dogs to acoustic stimuli 2013 Research in Veterinary Science 5833 94 49-54
Siniscalchi, M.; Lusito, R.; Vallortigara, G.; Quaranta, A. Seeing Left- or Right-Asymmetric Tail Wagging Produces Different Emotional Responses in Dogs 2013 Current Biology 5734 23
Siniscalchi, M.; Cirone, F.; Guaricci, A.C.; Quaranta, A. Catecholamine plasma levels, IFN-γ serum levels and antibodies production induced by rabies vaccine in dogs selected for their paw preference 2013 Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition 5829 19 522-532
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Scheider, L.; Kaminski, J.; Call, J.; Tomasello, M. Do domestic dogs interpret pointing as a command? 2013 5666 16 361-372
Ruess, M.; Schmelz, A.; Krueger, K. Einfluss vitomechanischer Schwingungen auf das Muskuloskeletalsystem der Pferde 2013 Göttinger Pferdetage’13 5949 111
Rozempolska-Ruciń ska, Iwona; Trojan, Maciej; Kosik, Elż bieta; Próchniak, Tomasz; Górecka-Bruzda, Aleksandra How “natural” training methods can affect equine mental state? A critical approach -- a review 2013 Animal Science Papers & Reports 5726 31 185
Ramos, D.; Reche-Junior, A.; Fragoso, P.L.; Palme, R.; Yanasse, N.K.; Gouvêa, V.R.; Beck, A.; Mills, D.S. Are cats (Felis catus) from multi-cat households more stressed? Evidence from assessment of fecal glucocorticoid metabolite analysis 2013 Physiology & Behavior 5997 122 72-75
Proops, L.; Rayner, J.; Taylor, A.M.; McComb, K. The Responses of Young Domestic Horses to Human-Given Cues 2013 PLoS ONE 5676 8 e67000 EP -