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Werhahn, H.; Hessel, E.F.; Van den Weghe, H.F.A. Competition Horses Housed in Single Stalls (II): Effects of Free Exercise on the Behavior in the Stable, the Behavior during Training, and the Degree of Stress 2012 Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 6626 32 22-31
Lesimple, C.; Sankey, C.; Richard, M.-A.; HAUSBERGER, M. Do Horses Expect Humans to Solve Their Problems? 2012 Frontiers in Psychology 6568 3 306
Thornton Alex; Lukas Dieter Individual variation in cognitive performance: developmental and evolutionary perspectives 2012 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 6555 367 2773-2783
Galaverni, M.; Palumbo, D.; Fabbri, E.; Caniglia, R.; Greco, C.; Randi, E. Monitoring wolves (Canis lupus) by non-invasive genetics and camera trapping: A small-scale pilot study 2012 Eur J Wildl Res 6479 58
Zaccaroni, M.; Passilongo, D.; Buccianti, A.; Dessi-Fulgheri, F.; Facchini, C.; Gazzola, A. Group specific vocal signature in free- ranging wolf packs 2012 Ethol Ecol Evol 6470 24
Passilongo, D.; Dessi-Fulgheri, F.; Gazzola, A.; Zaccaroni, M.; Apollonio, M. Wolf counting and individual acoustic discrimination by spectrographic analysis [Abstract] 2012 Bioacoustics 6467 21
Blanco, J.C.; Yolanda, C. Surveying wolves without snow: a critical review of the methods used in Spain. Hystrix 2012 Ital J Mammal 6460 23
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Sabou, M.; Bontcheva, K.; Scharl, A. Crowdsourcing Research Opportunities: Lessons from Natural Language Processing 2012 Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies 6436 1-18