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Adamo, S.A.; Ehgoetz, K.; Sangster, C.; Whitehorne, I. Signaling to the Enemy? Body Pattern Expression and Its Response to External Cues During Hunting in the Cuttlefish Sepia officinalis (Cephalopoda) 2006 Biol. Bull. 2960 210 192-200
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Amé, J.-M.; Halloy, J.; Rivault, C.; Detrain, C.; Deneubourg, J.L. Collegial decision making based on social amplification leads to optimal group formation 2006 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2042 103 5835-5840
Apple, J.K.; Kegley, E.B.; Galloway, D.L.; Wistuba, T.J.; Rakes, L.K.; Yancey, J.W.S. Treadmill exercise is not an effective methodology for producing the dark-cutting condition in young cattle 2006 Journal of Animal Science 2947 84 3079-3088
Arnold, K.; Zuberbuhler, K. Language evolution: semantic combinations in primate calls 2006 Nature 354 441 303
Arnold, W.; Ruf, T.; Kuntz, R. Seasonal adjustment of energy budget in a large wild mammal, the Przewalski horse (Equus ferus przewalskii) II. Energy expenditure 2006 The Journal of experimental biology 1782 209 4566-4573
Aust, U.; Huber, L. Picture-object recognition in pigeons: evidence of representational insight in a visual categorization task using a complementary information procedure 2006 Journal of Experimental Psychology. Animal Behavior Processes 2759 32 190-195
Balakrishnan, G.; Hu, Y.; Spiro, T.G. Temperature-jump apparatus with Raman detection based on a solid-state tunable (1.80-2.05 microm) kHz optical parametric oscillator laser 2006 Applied Spectroscopy 3764 60 347-351
Balenghien, T.; Fouque, F.; Sabatier, P.; Bicout, D.J. Horse-, bird-, and human-seeking behavior and seasonal abundance of mosquitoes in a West Nile virus focus of southern France 2006 Journal of Medical Entomology 1859 43 936-946