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Jedrzejewski, W.; Schmidt, K.; Theuerkauf, J.; Jedrzejewska, B.; Selva, N.; Zub, K. Kill rate and predation by wolves on ungulate populations in Bialowieza primeval forest (Poland) 2002 Ecology 6481 83
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Kaplan, G.; Rogers, L.J. Patterns of Gazing in Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) 2002 International Journal of Primatology 3398 23 501-526
Katherine Faust; John Skvoretz Comparing Networks Across Space and Time, Size and Species 2002 Sociological Methodology 5001 32 267-299
Kemp S.M. Operationalizing situated cognition and learning 2002 Cognitive Systems Research 3505 3 361-383
King, S.R.B. Home range and habitat use of free-ranging Przewalski horses at Hustai National Park, Mongolia 2002 Applied Animal Behaviour Science 4682 78 103-113
King, S.R.B.; Gurnell, J. Behavioural ecology of Przewalski horses (Equus przewalskii) reintroduced to Hustai National Park, Mongolia 2002 Queen Mary, University of London 2320
Kirkpatrick, J.F.; Turner, A. Reversibility of action and safety during pregnancy of immunization against porcine zona pellucida in wild mares (Equus caballus) 2002 Reproduction (Cambridge, England) Supplement 141 60 197-202