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Abbruzzetti, S.; Viappiani, C.; Small, J.R.; Libertini, L.J.; Small, E.W. Kinetics of histidine deligation from the heme in GuHCl-unfolded Fe(III) cytochrome C studied by a laser-induced pH-jump technique 2001 Journal of the American Chemical Society 3788 123 6649-6653
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Addessi, E.; Visalberghi, E. Social facilitation of eating novel food in tufted capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella): input provided by group members and responses affected in the observer 2001 Animal Cognition 3382 4 297-303
Albers, P.C.H.; de Vries, H. Elo-rating as a tool in the sequential estimation of dominance strengths 2001 Animal Behaviour. 858 61 489-495
Anderson, C.; Franks, N.R. Teams in animal societies 2001 Behavioral Ecology 2070 12 534-540
Arthur, D.; Levin, E. Spatial and non-spatial visual discrimination learning in zebrafish (Danio rerio) 2001 Animal Cognition 3372 4 125-131
Bahloul, K.; Pereladova, O.B.; Soldatova, N.; Fisenko, G.; Sidorenko, E.; Sempere, A.J. Social organization and dispersion of introduced kulans (Equus hemionus kulan) and Przewalski horses (Equus przewalski) in the Bukhara Reserve, Uzbekistan 2001 Journal of Arid Environments 777 47 309-323
Baragli, P.; Tedeschi, D.; Masini, A.P.; Magnaghi, N.; Martelli, F.; Sighieri, C. Estimation of performance in elite endurance horses by means of an exercise test in field conditions 2001 Ippologia 4654 12 13-19
Barros, A.T. Seasonality and relative abundance of Tabanidae (Diptera) captured on horses in the Pantanal, Brazil 2001 Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 2644 96 917-923
Beran, M.; Rumbaugh, D. “Constructive” enumeration by chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) on a computerized task 2001 Animal Cognition 3329 4 81-89