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Author Title Year Publication (up) Serial Volume Pages
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Boyd, L, The behavior of Przewalski's horses 1988 970
Fielding D, Reproductive characteristics of the Jenny donkey – Equus Asinus: a review 1988 1086 20 161-166
Franke Stevens E, Contents between bands of feral horses for access to fresh water: the resident wins 1988 1091 36 1851-1853
Geyer Cj, T.E. Gene survival in the Asian wild horse: I. Dependence of gene survival in the Calgary breeding group pedigree 1988 1107 7 313-327
HOGAN ES et al, The effect of enclosure size on sozial interactions and daily activity patterns of the captive asiatic wild horse 1988 1194 21 147-168
Houpt Ka, H.T. Social and illumination preferences of mares 1988 1201 66 2159-2164
KIRKPATRICK JF et al, Pregnancy determination in uncaptured feral Horses based on steroid metabolites in urine – soaked snow and free steroids in feces 1988 1272
KOTERBA AM et al, Brathing strategy of the adult horse at rest 1988 1327 64 337-346
NOVELLIE PA et al, Factors affecting the seasonal movements of Cape mountain zebras in the Mountain Zebra National Park 1988 1424 23 13-19