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Author Title Year (up) Publication Serial Volume Pages
Zeeb K, Equus caballus – Auseinandersetzungen in einem Jugendhengstrudel der Camargue E 1632 Begleittext 1731
Zwolinski J, Termin zapladniania klaczy a plec zrebiat 1761
Dixon , J. The horse: a dumb animal The Thoroughbred Record 3584
Briard, L.; Deneubourg, J.-L.; Petit, O. How stallions influence the dynamic of collective movements in two groups of domestic horses, from departure to arrival Behavioural Processes 6151
Selva, N.; Cortés-Avizanda, A.; Lemus, J.A.; Blanco, G.; Mueller, T.; Heinrich, B.; Donázar, J.A. Stress associated with group living in a long-lived bird Biology Letters 5292
Place Holder Author Proceedings of the 3. International Equine Science Meeting 5767
Grotius De Jure Bellict Pacis 1738 4852
Jacobs, F. Xenophons Buch über die Reitkunst 1825 4983
Irwin Ganly, J. On The Foot Of The Horse 1828 The Lancet 4660 9 668-669
Morgan, C.; Morgan, C. On Foot Lameness In Horses 1829 The Lancet 4665 11 751-752