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Author Title Year (up) Publication Serial Volume Pages
Rasa Oae, L.P. Incest avoidance mechanisms and attainment of dominance in female Cape Mountain Zebra 1488
Rashek Va, Peculiarities of feeding and feeding Behaviour on young wild asses on the Barsa – Kelmes Island 1489
Robbie J, Wild ass in northern province 1508 26 27
Schulz C, Male – male interactive behavior 1581
Sles Is, Untersuchung der wilden Pferde in Gefangenschaft 1606
Sorrell Ds, Wild life in southern Ethiopia 1624 1 285-290
Striton Ra, Development of charcters in horse teeth and the dental nomenclature 1636 434-446
Tratz, P. Zebrastreifung eines Norwegerpferdes 1650
Treus Vd, L.N. Equus Hemionus Pall., 1775 and its reproduction 1651
WARING GH et al, The behaviour of horses 1698 330-369