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Author Title Year (up) Publication Serial Volume Pages
Schneider M Py -1934, Das Flehmen, I und V Zoologische Garten 1574 3 183-198;
Schwarz E, Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Zebras 1582 78 Abt A 34-57
Solomatin Ao, Blutsaugende und Wurmparasiten beim Kulan 1618
Solomatin Ao, The coloration and molting in the kulan 1620 67 23-33
Stevenson, The local races of Burchell's Zebra 1634 51 757-763
Taylor El, Grazing behaviour and helminthic disease 1642 2 61-62
WARING G: Sounds of the Horse. m/s, 1692
Würbel, Mating Stategies of male donkeys in a promiscuous mating system Diss Bern 1723
Bökönyi, S. The Przevalsky Horse 2215
Bos, H Body condition scoring in free living Przewalski horses The International Symposium of the Przewalski Horse 2240 1999