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Brinkmann, L.; Gerken, M.; Riek, A. Effect of long-term feed restriction on the health status and welfare of a robust horse breed, the Shetland pony (Equus ferus caballus) 2013 Research in Veterinary Science 6601 94 826-831
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Carlsson, H.-E.; Lyberg, K.; Royo, F.; Hau, J. Quantification of stress sensitive markers in single fecal samples do not accurately predict excretion of these in the pig 2007 Research in Veterinary Science 5853 82 423-428
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Siniscalchi, M.; McFarlane, J.R.; Kauter, K.G.; Quaranta, A.; Rogers, L.J. Cortisol levels in hair reflect behavioural reactivity of dogs to acoustic stimuli 2013 Research in Veterinary Science 5833 94 49-54
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