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Gauvin, S.; Giraldeau, L.-A. Nutmeg mannikins ( Lonchura punctulata) reduce their feeding rates in response to simulated competition 2004 Oecologia 2133 139 150-156
Pérez-Barbería, F.J.; Gordon, I.J. Gregariousness increases brain size in ungulates 2005 Oecologia 6258 145
Sheriff, M.J.; Dantzer, B.; Delehanty, B.; Palme, R.; Boonstra, R. Measuring stress in wildlife: techniques for quantifying glucocorticoids 2011 Oecologia 6150 166 869-887
Sundaresan, S.R.; Fischhoff, I.R.; Dushoff, J.; Rubenstein, D.I. Network metrics reveal differences in social organization between two fission-fusion species, Grevy's zebra and onager 2007 Oecologia 1863 151 140-149