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Alexander, F. Some observations on general anaesthesia in ponies 1954 Journal of comparative pathology 124 64 20-25
Alexander, F.; Davies, M.E. Production and fermentation of lactate by bacteria in the alimentary canal of the horse and pig 1963 Journal of comparative pathology 120 73 1-8
Alexander, F.; Macpherson, M.J.D.; Oxford, A.E. Fermentative activities of some members of the normal coccal flora of the horse's large intestine 1952 Journal of comparative pathology 125 62 252-259
Blunden, A.S.; Smith, K.C.; Whitwell, K.E.; Dunn, K.A. Systemic infection by equid herpesvirus-1 in a Grevy's zebra stallion (Equus grevyi) with particular reference to genital pathology 1998 Journal of Comparative Pathology 2239 119 485-493
Oikawa, M.; Hobo, S.; Oyamada, T.; Yoshikawa, H. Effects of Orientation, Intermittent Rest and Vehicle Cleaning During Transport on Development of Transport-related Respiratory Disease in Horses 2005 Journal of Comparative Pathology 3693 132 153-168