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Passilongo, D.; Mattioli, L.; Bassi, E.; Szabó, L.; Apollonio, M. Visualizing sound: counting wolves by using a spectral view of the chorus howling 2015 Frontiers in Zoology 6498 12 22
Briefer, E.F.; Haque, S.; Baciadonna, L.; McElligott, A.G. Goats excel at learning and remembering a highly novel cognitive task 2014 Frontiers in Zoology 6376 11 20
Briefer, E.F.; Mandel, R.; Maigrot, A.-L.; Briefer Freymond, S.; Bachmann, I.; Hillmann, E. Perception of emotional valence in horse whinnies 2017 Frontiers in Zoology 6049 14 8
Kaiser, S.; Hennessy, M.B.; Sachser, N. Domestication affects the structure, development and stability of biobehavioural profiles 2015 Frontiers in Zoology 5975 12 1-11
Larsson, M. The optic chiasm: a turning point in the evolution of eye/hand coordination 2013 Frontiers in Zoology 5685 10 41
Chase, I.D. Music notation: a new method for visualizing social interaction in animals and humans 2006 Frontiers in zoology 751 3 18