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Dalla Costa, E.; Rabolini, A.; Scelsa, A.; Canali, E.; Minero, M. A study on inter-observer reliability of castration pain assessment in horses 2012 Proceedings of the 2. International Equine Science Meeting 5579 in press
Lloyd, A.S.; Martin, J.E.; Bornett-Gauci, H.L.I.; Wilkinson, R.G. Evaluation of a novel method of horse personality assessment: Rater-agreement and links to behaviour 2007 Applied Animal Behaviour Science 1981 105 205-222
Vitale, V.; Balocchi, R.; Varanini, M.; Sgorbini, M.; Macerata, A.; Sighieri, C.; Baragli, P. The effects of restriction of movement on the reliability of heart rate variability measurements in the horse (Equus caballus) 2013 Journal of Veterinary Behavior 6618 8 400-403