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Bang, A.; Deshpande, S.; Sumana, A.; Gadagkar, R. Choosing an appropriate index to construct dominance hierarchies in animal societies: a comparison of three indices 2010 Animal Behaviour 5837 79 631-636
Hewitt, S.E.; Macdonald, D.W.; Dugdale, H.L. Context-dependent linear dominance hierarchies in social groups of European badgers, Meles meles 2009 Animal Behaviour. 4695 77 161-169
Neumann, C.; Duboscq, J.; Dubuc, C.; Ginting, A.; Irwan, A.M.; Agil, M.; Widdig, A.; Engelhardt, A. Assessing dominance hierarchies: validation and advantages of progressive evaluation with Elo-rating 2011 Animal Behaviour 5677 82 911-921