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Tanaka, M. Recognition of pictorial representations by chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) 2007 Animal Cognition 2428 10 169-179
Tebbich, S.; Seed, A.M.; Emery, N.J.; Clayton, N.S. Non-tool-using rooks, Corvus frugilegus, solve the trap-tube problem 2007 Animal Cognition 2429 10 225-231
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Russon, A.E.; Handayani, D.P.; Kuncoro, P.; Ferisa, A. Orangutan leaf-carrying for nest-building: toward unraveling cultural processes 2007 Animal Cognition 2431 10 189-202
Petruso, E.J.; Fuchs, T.; Bingman, V.P. Time-space learning in homing pigeons (Columba livia): orientation to an artificial light source 2007 Animal Cognition 2432 10 181-188
Chiandetti, C.; Regolin, L.; Sovrano, V.A.; Vallortigara, G. Spatial reorientation: the effects of space size on the encoding of landmark and geometry information 2007 Animal Cognition 2433 10 159-168
Ward, C.; Smuts, B.B. Quantity-based judgments in the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) 2007 Animal Cognition 2440 10 71-80
Naug, D.; Arathi, H.S. Sampling and decision rules used by honey bees in a foraging arena 2007 Animal Cognition 2441 10 117-124
Clara, E.; Regolin, L.; Vallortigara, G.; Rogers, L. Perception of the stereokinetic illusion by the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) 2007 Animal Cognition 2445 10 135-140
Hayashi, M. Stacking of blocks by chimpanzees: developmental processes and physical understanding 2007 Animal Cognition 2451 10 89-103