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Aurich, J.; Wulf, M.; Ille, N.; Erber, R.; von Lewinski, M.; Palme, R.; Aurich, C. Effects of season, age, sex and housing on salivary cortisol concentrations in horses 2015 Domestic Animal Endocrinology 5847
Becker-Birck, M.; Schmidt, A.; Wulf, M.; Aurich, J.; von der Wense, A.; Möstl, E.; Berz, R.; Aurich, C. Cortisol release, heart rate and heart rate variability, and superficial body temperature, in horses lunged either with hyperflexion of the neck or with an extended head and neck position 2013 Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 6182 97 322-330
Erber, R.; Wulf, M.; Aurich, J.; Becker-Birck, M.; Rose-Meierhöfer, S.; Möstl, E.; Hoffmann, G.; Aurich, C. Physiological stress parameters in sport horse mares transferred from group housing to individual stabling 2012 Proceedings of the 2. International Equine Science Meeting 5542 in press
Wulf, M.; Dörstelmann, V; Aurich, C. Behavioural patterns of pony foals after simultaneous and consecutive weaning 2008 IESM 2008 4488
Wulf, M.; Aurich, C.; Nees, M.; Aurich, J. Identification of horses hot iron branding versus microchip transponders 2012 Proceedings of the 2. International Equine Science Meeting 5534 in press