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Pelé, M.; Sueur, C. Decision-making theories: linking the disparate research areas of individual and collective cognition 2013 5692 16 543-556
Sueur, C.; Deneubourg, J.-L.; Petit, O. From Social Network (Centralized vs. Decentralized) to Collective Decision-Making (Unshared vs. Shared Consensus) 2012 PLoS ONE 5712 7 e32566 EP -
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Sueur, C.; Petit, O. Signals use by leaders in Macaca tonkeana and Macaca mulatta: group-mate recruitment and behaviour monitoring 2010 Animal Cognition 5117 13 239-248
Sueur, C.; Petit, O. Shared or unshared consensus decision in macaques? 2008 Behavioural Processes 5129 78 84-92
Sueur, C.; Petit, O. Organization of Group Members at Departure Is Driven by Social Structure in Macaca 2008 International Journal of Primatology 5125 29 1085-1098