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Sankey, C.; Henry, S.; André, N.; Richard-Yris, M.-A.; Hausberger, M. Do Horses Have a Concept of Person? 2011 PLoS ONE 5708 6 e18331 EP -
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Sankey, C.; Richard-Yris, M.-A.; Henry, S.; Fureix, C.; Nassur, F.; Hausberger, M. Reinforcement as a mediator of the perception of humans by horses (Equus caballus) 2010 Animal Cognition 5175 13 753-764-764
Sankey, C.; Richard-Yris, M.-A.; Leroy, H.; Henry, S.; Hausberger, M. Positive interactions lead to lasting positive memories in horses, Equus caballus 2010 Animal Behaviour 5418 79 869-875