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Pongrácz 6199
Pongrácz, P.; Miklósi, Á.; Kubinyi, E.; Gurobi, K.; Topál, J.; Csányi, V. Social learning in dogs: the effect of a human demonstrator on the performance of dogs in a detour task 2001 Animal Behaviour. 847 62 1109-1117
Pongrácz, P.; Miklósi, Á.; Kubinyi, E.; Topál, J.; Csányi, V. Interaction between individual experience and social learning in dogs 2003 Animal Behaviour. 565 65 595-603
Pongrácz, P.; Miklósi, Á.; Vida, V.; Csányi, V. The pet dogs ability for learning from a human demonstrator in a detour task is independent from the breed and age 2005 Applied Animal Behaviour Science 6584 90 309-323
Pongrácz, P.; Vida, V.; Bánhegyi, P.; Miklósi, Á. How does dominance rank status affect individual and social learning performance in the dog (Canis familiaris)? 2008 Animal Cognition 2400 11 75-82
Pongrácz, P; Miklósi, Á; Timár-Geng, K; Csányi, V. Verbal Attention Getting as a Key Factor in Social Learning Between Dog (Canis familiaris) and Human. 2004 Journal of Comparative Psychology 5218 118 375-383.