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Basile, M.; Boivin, S.; Boutin, A.; Blois-Heulin, C.; Hausberger, M.; Lemasson, A. Socially dependent auditory laterality in domestic horses (Equus caballus) 2009 Animal Cognition 4761 12 611-619
Lemasson, A.; Boutin, A.; Boivin, S.; Blois-Heulin, C.; Hausberger, M. Horse (Equus caballus) whinnies: a source of social information 2009 Animal Cognition 5035 12 693-704
Lemasson, A.; Koda, H.; Kato, A.; Oyakawa, C.; Blois-Heulin, C.; Masataka, N. Influence of sound specificity and familiarity on Japanese macaques' (Macaca fuscata) auditory laterality 2010 Behavioural Brain Research 5081 208 286-289