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h:, M.; Lévy, F.; Fortin, M.; Leterrier, C.; LansadLansade, L. Stress and temperament affect working memory performance for disappearing food in horses, Equus caballus 2013 Animal Behaviour 5746 86 1233-1240
Valenchon, M.; Lévy, F.; Górecka-Bruzda, A.; Calandreau, L.; Lansade, L. Characterization of long-term memory, resistance to extinction, and influence of temperament during two instrumental tasks in horses 2013 5735 16 1001-1006
Valenchon, M.; Lévy, F.; Moussu, C.; Lansade, L. Stress affects instrumental learning based on positive or negative reinforcement in interaction with personality in domestic horses 2017 Plos One 6202 12 e0170783