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Ottoni, E.B.; de Resende, B.D.; Izar, P. Watching the best nutcrackers: what capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella) know about others' tool-using skills 2005 Animal cognition 355 8 215-219
Izar, P.; Ferreira, R.G.; Sato, T. Describing the organization of dominance relationships by dominance-directed tree method 2006 American journal of primatology 723 68 189-207
Ottoni, E.; de Resende, B.; Izar, P. Erratum 2006 Animal Cognition 3258 9 156-156
Spagnoletti, N.; Visalberghi, E.; Verderane, M.P.; Ottoni, E.; Izar, P.; Fragaszy, D. Stone tool use in wild bearded capuchin monkeys, Cebus libidinosus. Is it a strategy to overcome food scarcity? 2012 Animal Behaviour 5855 83 1285-1294