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Briefer, E.F.; Mandel, R.; Maigrot, A.-L.; Briefer Freymond, S.; Bachmann, I.; Hillmann, E. Perception of emotional valence in horse whinnies 2017 Frontiers in Zoology 6049 14 8
Burla, J.-B.; Ostertag, A.; Schulze Westerath Niklaus, H.; Hillmann, E. Validation of the MSR145W Data Logger for Gait Determination in Horses (Equus caballus) 2012 Proceedings of the 2. International Equine Science Meeting 5511 in press
Burla,J.B.; Rufener, C.; Bachmann, I.; Gygax, L.; Patt, A.; Hillmann, E. Effect of varying dimensions of the littered lying area on the lying behaviour of group-housed horses (Equus ferus caballus) 2015 Proceedings of the 3. International Equine Science Meeting 5879