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Miyata, H.; Gajdon, G.K.; Huber, L.; Fujita, K. How do keas (Nestor notabilis) solve artificial-fruit problems with multiple locks? 2011 Animal Cognition 6549 14 45-58
Gajdon, G.K.; Fijn, N.; Huber, L. Limited spread of innovation in a wild parrot, the kea (Nestor notabilis) 2006 Animal Cognition 2472 9 173-181
Range, F.; Horn, L.; Bugnyar, T.; Gajdon, G.; Huber, L. Social attention in keas, dogs, and human children 2009 Animal Cognition 4713 12 181-192
Huber, L.; Gajdon, G.K. Technical intelligence in animals: the kea model 2006 Animal Cognition 2085 9 295-305