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Baumgartner, M.; Boisson, T.; Erhard, M.H.; Zeitler-Feicht, M.H. Common Feeding Practices Pose A Risk to the Welfare of Horses When Kept on Non-Edible Bedding 2020 Animals 6647 10 441
Esch, L.; Wöhr, C.; Erhard, M.; Krueger, K. Horses� (Equus Caballus) Laterality, Stress Hormones, and Task Related Behavior in Innovative Problem-Solving 2019 Animals 6570 9 265
Fuchs, C.; Kiefner, C.; Erhard, M.; Wöhr, A.C. Narcolepsy or REM-deficient? 2015 Proceedings of the 3. International Equine Science Meeting 5871
Löckener, S.; Reese, S.; Erhard, M.; Wöhr, A.-C. Pasturing in herds after housing in horseboxes induces a positive cognitive bias in horses 2016 Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research 6024 11 50-55
Wöhr, A.C.; Erhard, M. Polysonographic studies, about sleeping behaviour of horses 2008 IESM 2008 4498