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Clement, T.S.; Feltus, J.R.; Kaiser, D.H.; Zentall, T.R. “Work ethic” in pigeons: reward value is directly related to the effort or time required to obtain the reward 2000 Psychonomic bulletin & review 248 7 100-106
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Clement, T.S.; Zentall, T.R. Development of a single-code/default coding strategy in pigeons 2000 Psychological science : a journal of the American Psychological Society / APS 246 11 261-264
Friedrich, A.M.; Clement, T.S.; Zentall, T.R. Functional equivalence in pigeons involving a four-member class 2004 Behavioural processes 228 67 395-403
Grosenick, L.; Clement, T.S.; Fernald, R.D. Fish can infer social rank by observation alone 2007 Nature 600 445 429-432
Zentall, T.R.; Clement, T.S. Memory mechanisms in pigeons: evidence of base-rate neglect 2002 Journal of experimental psychology. Animal behavior processes 242 28 111-115
Zentall, T.R.; Clement, T.S.; Bhatt, R.S.; Allen, J. Episodic-like memory in pigeons 2001 Psychonomic bulletin & review 243 8 685-690
Zentall, T.R.; Clement, T.S.; Weaver, J.E. Symmetry training in pigeons can produce functional equivalences 2003 Psychonomic bulletin & review 235 10 387-391