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Carlsson, H.-E.; Lyberg, K.; Royo, F.; Hau, J. Quantification of stress sensitive markers in single fecal samples do not accurately predict excretion of these in the pig 2007 Research in Veterinary Science 5853 82 423-428
Eriksson, E.; Royo, F.; Lyberg, K.; Carlsson, H.-E.; Hau, J. Effect of metabolic cage housing on immunoglobulin A and corticosterone excretion in faeces and urine of young male rats 2004 Experimental Physiology 5850 89 427-433
Hau, J.; Andersson, E.; Carlsson, H.-E. Development and validation of a sensitive ELISA for quantification of secretory IgA in rat saliva and faeces 2001 Laboratory Animals 5851 35 301-306
Paramastri, Y.; Royo, F.; Eberova, J.; Carlsson, H.-E.; Sajuthi, D.; Fernstrom, A.-L.; Pamungkas, J.; Hau, J. Urinary and fecal immunoglobulin A, cortisol and 11-17 dioxoandrostanes, and serum cortisol in metabolic cage housed female cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) 2007 Journal of Medical Primatology 5854 36 355-364