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Briefer Freymond, S.; Piovesana, L.; Briefer. E. F.; Beuret. S.; Zuberbühler, K.; Bshary, R.; Bachmann, I. Crib-biting behaviour of horses: stress and learning capacity 2015 Proceedings of the 3. International Equine Science Meeting 5878
Bshary, R.; Wickler, W.; Fricke, H. Fish cognition: a primate's eye view 2002 Animal Cognition 2617 5 1-13
Tebbich, S.; Bshary, R.; Grutter, A.S. Cleaner fish Labroides dimidiatus recognise familiar clients 2002 Animal Cognition 2599 5 139-145
van de Waal, E.; Bshary, R. Social-learning abilities of wild vervet monkeys in a two-step task artificial fruit experiment 2011 Anim Behav 6262 81
van de Waal, E.; Bshary, R. Contact with human facilities appears to enhance technical skills in wild vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus aethiops) 2010 Folia Primatol 6265 81