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Agrillo, C.; Dadda, M.; Bisazza, A. Quantity discrimination in female mosquitofish 2007 Animal cognition 339 10 63-70
Sovrano, V.; Bisazza, A. Recognition of partly occluded objects by fish 2008 Animal Cognition 4217 11 1435-9448
Sovrano, V.A.; Bisazza, A.; Vallortigara, G. How fish do geometry in large and in small spaces 2007 Animal Cognition 2462 10 47-54
Sovrano, V.A.; Rainoldi, C.; Bisazza, A.; Vallortigara, G. Roots of brain specializations: preferential left-eye use during mirror-image inspection in six species of teleost fish 1999 Behavioural Brain Research 614 106 175-180