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Hill, S.E.; Ryan, M.J. The role of model female quality in the mate choice copying behaviour of sailfin mollies 2006 Biology letters 1820 2 203-205
Bates, L.A.; Sayialel, K.N.; Njiraini, N.W.; Poole, J.H.; Moss, C.J.; Byrne, R.W. African elephants have expectations about the locations of out-of-sight family members 2008 Biology Letters 4332 4 34-36
Berge, J.; Cottier, F.; Last, K.S.; Varpe, O.; Leu, E.; Soreide, J.; Eiane, K.; Falk-Petersen, S.; Willis, K.; Nygard, H.; Vogedes, D.; Griffiths, C.; Johnsen, G.; Lorentzen, D.; Brierley, A.S. Diel vertical migration of Arctic zooplankton during the polar night 2008 Biology Letters 4629
Dreier, S.; van Zweden, J.S.; D'Ettorre, P. Long-term memory of individual identity in ant queens 2007 Biology Letters 4649 3 459-462
Selva, N.; Cortés-Avizanda, A.; Lemus, J.A.; Blanco, G.; Mueller, T.; Heinrich, B.; Donázar, J.A. Stress associated with group living in a long-lived bird Biology Letters 5292